Saturday, 5 November 2016

Invisible Braces : Creates Beautiful Smile

As we all know, a warm smile is the universal language of kindness.  

Braces are generally recommended for straightening and aligning the tooth. These corrections are performed by orthodontists. It not only improves appearance, but also misaligned teeth which will have long-term side effects such as chewing impairment, defects in speech, abnormal swallowing, abnormal facial muscle function,  etc.

Most of the patients do not like to wear braces which definitely disfigure their personality. But Invisible braces are not seen or accurately found by anyone unless one tells. These braces are made up of medicated plastic and they are transparent, do not have any wires or brackets. This is absolutely costlier than traditional braces.

Invisible Braces in Bangalore

The making of the invisible brace is first the teeth impression is taken and then the impression is computerized into 3D and the dentist along with patients’ will plan how the teeth are expected to look like. Then from the impressions, customized aligners are created.

The advantages are many for invisible braces such as less pain is experienced during the treatment process, easy to clean and to wear, teeth and gum have less pressure, easy to brush and floss, a hygienic way to treat malocclusion as it does not allow the food particles to get around the braces.
Dr. Girish P.V (Orthodontist), Smile Architect who resides in Bangalore, Karnataka is a conferred Invisalign Certified Practitioner. He has performed the highest number of invisible braces in Bangalore and the entire South India. He has trained many doctors for invisible braces treatments. The hygienic ambiance with the best high-end treatment which is rewarded by the patients’ testimonials from all over the world.

Invisible Dental Braces in Bangalore
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