Friday, 1 February 2013

Clear Aligners for all!!

Welcome to the world of Invisible braces!!

Most of the adults nowadays wouldn't want to flash their uneven smile because of inferiority complex!!
In other words people are very conscious about their smile, arrangement of teeth that many dont even smile regularly. I have encountered many patients in my practice who hesitate to smile when i ask them to do so (sometimes for a picture record).
This led me on my journey to Germany where i was trained in Clear aligner therapy.
From last 2 years my journey with my patients looking for invisible braces has been incredible!!

Invisible Braces

These clear aligners are removable transparent aligners whih the patient can wear and remove at will.
 unlike the conventional metal or ceramic braces these are not fixed to the teeth!!
There begins a new journey for all patients especially adults who have bad experiences in the past with re-opening of spaces, improper finishing with braces etc.

Invisible Braces

These are :
- Removable
- Comfortable
- Transparent
- Smooth and light weight
- Invisible to others
- No food restrictions like in fixed braces!!

Invisible Braces

So its time for all patients to smile again without having to hide their smile!! 
Go for Clear aligner therapy today!!

For details contact: 

Dr.Girish P.V
(Orthodontist and Clear Aligner specialist)
Smile Architect Invisible Braces Center
428, 7th main, 9th cross,
2nd block, Jayanagar,Behind Bangalore hospital
Bangalore- 560011
Ph: 9845020520
landline: 080 26560739

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