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Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics or orthodontia is a branch of dental science that deals with correction of teeth and jaw that are aligned improperly. Because of crooked or crowded teeth, it is hard to clean the teeth. So the accumulation of food or plaque on the teeth leads to tooth decay. And also the misalignment of teeth affects the appearance.

Orthodontic treatment helps to solve these problems. Orthodontic treatment needed when you have any of the following:
  • Overbite : It is the condition where the upper front teeth stick out over the lower front teeth.
  • Underbite : when the lower teeth are sticking out from upper teeth called under bite.
  • Crossbite : Upper teeth do not come down in front of  the lower teeth when biting normally.
  • Openbite : Occur space between biting surface of front teeth when back teeth are biting together.
  • Gapped teeth
  • Crowding : Teeth that are twisted or displaced. 

cross bite

Different methods are used in orthodontics for to move the teeth. The device that is used to move teeth are fixed device or removable device. These device are working by applying pressure on the teeth. The fixed devices include braces, special fixed appliances, fixed space maintainers.  

They are the commonly using fixed devices. Braces consist of arch wires, brackets and ligatures. The brackets are attached to the teeth by using special bonding glue. Arch wire is connected to these brackets and the ligatures are used to hold the brackets and wire together. All of these components apply pressure on teeth to move them into new position.


Special Fixed Appliances

These devices are attached to the teeth by using bands. They are used to control the thumb sucking and tongue thrusting.

Fixed Space Maintainers

This is used in children after the removal of milk teeth, for to keep the space until the occurrence of permanent teeth.

space maintainer

Removable devices include aligner, removable space maintainers, jaw repositioning appliances, lip and cheek bumpers, palatal expander, removable retainers, headgear.



Aligners are alternative to the traditional braces. They give the same effect of the traditional braces. Aligners are almost invisible and they do not contain brackets and wires. Aligners are easy to remove while eat and drink. Also they are easy to clean. But aligner cannot use foe certain types of teeth movements.


Removable Space Maintainers

They have the same function of fixed space maintainers. They are made of acrylic base. And have metal or plastic wire between teeth to maintain the space between them.


Jaw Repositioning Appliances

They are used in top or lower jaw for to close in a favourable position.


Lip and Cheek Bumpers

These devices are used to keep the lip and cheek away from the teeth. That is to prevent the force exerted by cheek and lip on the teeth.


Palatal Expander

It is used for to widen the arch of upper jaw. Plastic palatal expander placed at the roof of the mouth.


Removable Retainers

The retainers are used after the completion of the braces treatment. That helps to prevent the relapse of the teeth and hold them in new positions. It can also used to prevent the thumb sucking.

removable retainer


Headgear slower the growth of the upper jaw.

Orthodontics design and fabricate devices to realign teeth and jaws to produce and maintain normal function and to improve appearance.

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Friday, 19 December 2014

Ceramic Braces

Orthodontics provides number of teeth alignment options. Among that one of the better choice is Ceramic braces treatment. Ceramic braces have the same size and shape of the metal braces. But these braces are available in different levels of transparency. So ceramic braces are less noticeable than the metal braces because of availability of tooth coloured and clear ceramic braces. Most adults prefer ceramic braces because its blend with tooth colour. Ceramic braces are made of composition of materials. 
ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are mainly two types according to its transparency.
1. Clear ceramic braces.
2. Tooth coloured ceramic braces.

Clear Ceramic Braces

Clear ceramic braces are made of ceramic alloys. Because of its transparency most of the adults are following these braces. Ties will be either clear elastic tie or white metal tie. Among these, metal ties are more strong. 
clear ceramic braces

Tooth coloured ceramic braces

These ceramic braces are available in the colour of teeth.  The brackets and wires will be in tooth colour. Treatment with tooth coloured braces will take the same time of traditional braces. They required tiny elastic bands. So the elastic band may discolour due to from foods and drinks. Periodic change of elastic band required.
tooth coloured ceramic braces


  • Ceramic braces are invisible from distant view.
  • The ceramic brackets do not stain.
  • Less irritating than metal braces.
  • These braces are very strong.


  • They are very hard and brittle.
  • Ceramic braces treatment is expensive than the metal braces treatment.
  • Ceramic braces can not recommend for certain type of biting.
  • Do not easy to manage as metal braces.

Treatment Procedure

Treatment starts with cleaning of the teeth. Then the ceramic Brackets are attached to the teeth using a bonding glue. Then the clear arch wire attaches to the brackets. In some cases clear elastic ties are also provide to hold the wire in place. Periodic tightening also required. After the completion of the treatment, it is necessary to wear the retainer to hold the teeth in the new position.
Duration of treatment will be 18 to 24 months. The cost of the ceramic braces treatment will depend on different factors such as condition of teeth, type of braces  and restorative work need during or before the treatment.

If  your teeth are very light and more clear, then  ceramic brackets will usually create the best look . For teeth that have a normal to dark coloration, brackets that are tooth coloured may provide the best match. 

Smile Architect Centre Dental and Invisible Braces gives you dental care with patient friendly environment with experienced doctors.

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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Teeth Straightening with Metal Braces

Dental braces are the solution for different types problem such as overbite, crowded teeth, gapped teeth, open bite etc. Also used as a remedy for jaw problems. The above dental problems are making it difficult with eating, proper speaking or keeping your teeth clean. Today metal braces becoming smaller and more comfortable. The traditional braces or the metal braces consist of metal brackets and arch wires. They need periodic tightening and the pressure straightens the teeth gradually. Silver metal braces are most commonly used in orthodontic treatment. Elastic ties are also used to hold the brackets and the arch wires together. Traditional braces have excellent control over the teeth.

Metal braces

Traditional braces are made of  high quality stainless steel or titanium. The major three parts of metal braces are :
Brackets : They are attached to the teeth using a special type of glue and that holding brackets in place.
Arch wires : Help to move the teeth by applying force. It is a thin metal wire that connects the brackets.
Ligature : It is the elastic tie or rubber band that holds the metal brackets and arch wire together.

Metal braces are removed only after the completion of treatment.  Once the brackets are applied on the teeth, they constantly make pressure on the teeth and forces to move them into proper positions. Also need the periodic tightening of the arch wire. It is necessary to care the braces throughout the orthodontic treatment.

Advantages of Metal Braces

  • It takes only less treatment time than other braces.
  • You can use darker ligature, which cannot show curry, smoking, or black coffee stains. Self ligating metal braces have no ligature. So it does not make stain.
  • Metal braces are very strong.

Disadvantages of metal braces

  • They are more visible.
  • They make discomfort to cheeks and lips at first.
  • When you have a canker sore, they  irritate your gums more than ceramic brackets.


Dentist checks overall dental hygiene. Takes plaster model of teeth that help to plan the treatment. The brackets are attached to the front side of premolar and the front teeth with  bonding glue.  Encircle the molar with ring like band. Then the arch wire is attached to all the brackets and connect them. The arch wire controls the movement of the teeth. In some cases ligature or rubber bands are attached to brackets and wires.
Metal braces

Working of Metal Braces

Teeth start to move when the arch wire puts pressure on the brackets and teeth. Elastic band or ligature help to apply more pressure to specific direction. Braces apply constant pressure for to move teeth into desired position. When the teeth start to move, then the patients can feel loosens of teeth. Bone is then remodeled to support the teeth in the new position. Can apply pressure to individual teeth by customizing the arrangement of arch wire.

How long will have to wear the braces ?

The time required for the metal braces treatment varies from person to person. That depends different factors such as severity of the problem, the distance the tooth must travel, health of gums, teeth, and supporting bones etc. Once the braces are worn it will last for 2 years. After the completion of the treatment patient needed to wear retainers. It is for to prevent the relapse of teeth and to hold them in new positions.

Oral hygiene is very important with having braces. Because food and plaque can get trapped in between braces and wires. That lead to dental decay and enamel stains. Food can react with metal braces and produce a bleaching effect which cause spotting on the teeth. Brush your teeth after every meal. And floss twice in a week. It is best to clean your retainer as often as you brush your teeth. Because of a chance to build up plaque and stain on it. Place retainer in a cup of water when it take out for cleaning.
Traditional braces Treatment

You will be wearing your braces for a fairly lengthy period, so it is important to follow your orthodontist's instructions and care for them properly. While braces may seem like an inconvenience, once the treatment is over, your new smile will be all the reward you need.

We Smile Architect Centre for Dental and Invisible Braces imparts you Metal braces Treatment With patient friendly environment. Aims maximum patient satisfaction.
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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Role of Invisible Braces in Orthodontics

Invisible braces treatment is an alternative to wire braces that straighten misaligned teeth for teens and adults. The invisible braces are made of medical grade plastic. Corrects the dental problem without the use of brackets and wires.These are never recommended when milk teeth are remaining. They will gradually shift the position of teeth.

Invisible braces

Advantages of Invisible Braces :

  • Clear :

    Invisible braces are practically invisible. So hardly anyone will even know you are straightening teeth.
  • Predictable :

    You can see the treatment result even before your treatment starts. Enjoy a better smile even before completing the treatment.
  • Customized :

    Doctor will take the impression of your teeth and customize invisible braces for your teeth.
  • Removable :

    You can remove these braces when you eat, drink, brush, floss or for special occasions.
  • Comfort :

    The edges of invisible braces are smooth. So they do not irritate gums and cheeks.

How to store Invisible Braces

You should take off invisible braces when you are eating or drinking or anything other than water. When you remove the invisible braces wash them with water to remove the saliva and store them in a cup of water. This can prevent the bacterial development. Always clean invisible braces with a toothbrush. If you are not doing like this, it will not be no longer invisible. The cleaning and storing of invisible braces keep them hygienic.
Invisible braces treats cases such as:
  • Overbite
  • Crossbite.
  • Underbite
  • Gapped teeth
  • Open bite

Risks with Invisible Braces are :

  • They do not offer certain types of teeth movements and correction of some malocclusion.
  • Not suitable for severely tipped teeth, rotated teeth, deep overbite.
  • Invisible braces may increase the chance of cavities on teeth.
  • The shape of your teeth will impose limitations for to use invisible braces.
  • Need to replace invisible braces after every 2 weeks.
  • Will change the way you speak.
  • Very easy to lose.


Invisible braces are custom made for your teeth by using revolutionary 3D computer technology. Over the course of treatment you will get set of invisible braces that you change once every two weeks. That will ensure that your teeth are moving to the desired position. Treatment will be last for 18 to 24 months. After the completion of treatment you will advise to wear a retainer to hold the teeth in the new position and to avoid the relapse of teeth. Length of the invisible treatment depends on the situation, the type of the invisible braces you are wearing and and how much teeth need to be moved or rotated.
The cost of the invisible braces is higher than the traditional braces. Your specific brace cost depend on the factors that include type and duration of treatment, any restorative work needed before or throughout the treatment.

Invisible braces

Invisible braces v/s metallic braces

The main difference between invisible braces and traditional braces are the method of application and the way of teeth straighten throughout treatment. Need tightening periodically for traditional braces. And also very difficult to maintain the oral hygiene. The noticeable appearance of traditional braces is its main disadvantage. But these metal braces have most control over the treatment process. This takes less treatment time than the invisible braces. Invisible braces treatment may not be effective for severe dental issues. The challenges of having braces is removal of food that trapped in wires and brackets. That lead to the formation of plaque eventually causes tooth decay. In case of invisible braces, it can remove at the time of eating.

The main aim of the dental care provider is to retain each patient's dentition for life long. Invisible braces increase the confidence of each patient in daily life. It helps to keep good oral hygiene. Straighten your teeth in form and function in a healthy manner.

Smile Architect Centre for Dental & Invisible Braces imparts you varied treatment options with latest technologies. We aim to give you cost effective treatment with maximum patient satisfaction. 


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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Quik Overview About Orthodontics & Braces

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry which deals with devices called Dental Braces to treat misalignment problems of the teeth. Misalignment problems are like crooked teeth, crowded teeth, protruding teeth, gaps between teeth, overbites, under bites etc. Application of these orthodontic devices will move the teeth to their correct positions. Every dentist won't be able to provide orthodontic treatment, it needs orthodontic specialist who is specially trained in providing this treatment.

The dental braces have different components like brackets, metal wires and bands which helps to straighten your teeth. The brackets are attached to the teeth with special gums. Metal wires are inserted through these brackets. For tightening the braces, bands will be given. So this will gradually move the teeth into the proper positions. 

we make you smile

The best time for braces treatment will be the age between 10 to 14. At this time the head and mouth will be still in the growing stage and teeth are more accessible to straightening. Also this will beautify your smile before you get into your teenage. Braces treatment can be done in adult stage also.

There are different types of dental braces which differs in their comfortability, shape, size, color, material used etc. They are,

  • Metal Braces : Normal or Self Ligating
  • Ceramic Braces : Normal or Self Ligating
  • Lingual Braces or Incognito Braces
  • Gold Braces
  • Clear Braces or Invisible Braces 

Metal Braces


Metal braces are fixed, regular and traditional braces. These are more commonly used braces which are less cost compared with other braces. This uses brackets, bands, metal wires for straightening your teeth.

 Metal Braces


Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces are less visible than metal braces. These are tooth colored braces mostly used by adults. Because of its less visibility, it won't be noticeable unless we go close to the person. It is made with strong and durable material which will not get stained with normal drinks or food items. 

 Ceramic Braces

You can have yet another alternative for ceramic and metal braces called Self Ligating Braces. These types are entirely different from ordinary braces. This braces becomes special because it doesn't need bands like other normal braces. So this avoids to many appointments.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are cemented onto the back side of the teeth making it invisible to other peoples. It is used for aesthetic reasons, those who do not wish to show braces can have this type of braces. Lingual braces can be used in lower and upper teeth. Lingual braces corrects bad bite, gaps in teeth, crowded teeth, and rotated teeth. These braces are suitable only for adults and teens those who can have normal braces. It will not work for those who have very small teeth and for children. 

 Lingual Braces

Gold Braces

Gold Braces are normally prefered by people for having a special appearance. It will help them to look fabulous even during the braces treatment. Gold braces are so soft, because of this it is more comfortable than metal braces but it needs frequent adjustments for making them into track. Gold Braces are also prefered by doctors for those who are allergic to nickel or metal. 

 Golden Braces


Clear Braces or Invisible Braces

You can have a smile which you dreamed of without any difficulties. Invisible braces are one of the newest orthodontic devices to straighten your teeth. It has several advantages over other braces.

Clear: These braces are clear or invisible in nature, so hardly will anyone see that you are using braces.

Comfortable: It is very comfortable because there are no brackets or metal wires that could irritate your gum and cheeks.

Effective: The treatment procedure is very slow, so right after the procedure you can enjoy your desired smile.

Invisible Braces

Removable: These are removable braces allowing you to have food easily and to maintain good oral hygiene.

Customised: The braces are custom made. Initially itself the doctor will take impressions of your teeth for making the customised braces.

The only disadvantage is that, Invisible braces treatment is costlier than any other orthodontic treatment.

Smile Architect Invisible Braces Centre imparts you with the Best Treatment for Orthodontics by giving all the latest technologies and facilities with patient friendly environment.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Restore Your Tooth Appearance With Dental Crowns!

Dental Crowns are known as caps used to restore the functionality of a damaged tooth or broken tooth. It is also used in dental implant procedure to look the implant like natural teeth. Crowns not only correct the functionality but it also corrects appearance, size, shape, strength and protect the teeth from further decays. Normally crowns are cemented to the damaged teeth with special dental cement unlike dentures which can be removed whenever needed. The crowns can be removed only with the help of a Dentist. When the old crown wears out, then the dentist will remove it and replace with new crown.

 The crown are different types. Porcelain or Ceramic crowns match the natural tooth color. It is more expensive than other type of crowns like gold, Zirconium crowns metal ceramic and acrylic.


Different Types of Crowns


Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic Crowns are warranted for 6 years. These crowns are best for dental crowns treatment. This is normally used for front teeth because it matches the exact color of the natural teeth. In this type, there is no grey metal inside so if gum recedes, there will not be any grey margin around the crown.
Ceramic crowns are more brittle than metal crowns and that's why used in front teeth.

Metal Ceramic Crowns

These are warrented for 10 years. Metal Ceramic Crowns are porcelain bonded crowns with a metal core. The metal core is made with precious, semi-precious, non-precious metals and is providing the strength. This is not very strong as metal crown and can fracture time to time. These crowns are normally used in back teeth, but some may use it in front teeth also. The aesthetics of metal ceramic  crowns are not good as Ceramic Crowns.

Zirconium Crowns

These crowns have 15 year warranty. Zirconium is usually yellow or brown in color and is used for back teeth. Zirconium crowns are not composed of porcelain, because of this there is no chance of getting it fractured. Also there is no aesthetic look for these crowns compared with all ceramic and metal ceramic crowns. These crowns are normally used to correct tooth with less damage because these are constructed by removing less tissues. It is the best possible alternative to Gold Crowns.

Gold Crowns

Gold Crowns have poor aesthetic compared with other crowns because as its name implies, it is gold in color. But these crowns are the strongest crown. These are recommended for people who have problems like grinding and clenching habits and are used for back teeth correction.

Dental Crowns Treatment & Procedure

Dental Crowns are recommended for several situations, they are
- If the person have severe damage or decay to his/her tooth in which veneers & composite bonding may not be a good choice.
- If the person undergoes a root canal therapy
- If the person undergone dental implants and to give it an aesthetic look.

These dental crowns can be manufactured in the dental clinic itself depending on the crown material used.

To have a dental crown, first your teeth impressions will be taken for making the new crown with your teeth shape and size. If the dental crowns are created for the smile makeover purpose then this may used to create the new models for designing the new length, shape and alignment of teeth. And you can preview your smile before it is being done.

After creating the mold, the procedure may start by giving you a local anesthesia or sedation dentistry. Sometimes your dentist may suggest for a temporary crown because of your treatment speciality. Then after a specific time the dentist will cement the permanent dental crown.

For long lasting result the person should take care of his/her teeth. Maintain good dental hygiene. They must follow some routine process to get better results. They should brush twice in a day, floss with dental floss, use interdental cleaners once in a day.

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Whiten Your Teeth with More Improved Techniques

Teeth Whitening is one of the effective ways to get more whiter teeth. Whitening process will not damage the surface or enamel of teeth. The process will lighten the natural colour of teeth to become more brighter and whiter.

Normally teeth whitening is needed when we get older. It is natural fading of teeth colour. Teeth enamel absorbs stains from food items. The stains can be from tea, coffee, juices, red wine etc. and other food items that have strong colours that can affect the colour of teeth. Also teeth can be stained from other habits like smoking, drinking etc.

Some people's teeth will have grey shades, it may be because of other diseases or other problems with their teeth. These can be removed to get whiter healthier teeth. The teeth whitening procedures should be done only with the consultation of a Dentist.

There are different methods to do Teeth Bleaching or Whitening,
  • In-Office Bleaching
  • At-Home Bleaching
  • Light Accelerated Bleaching

In-Office Bleaching or Professional Bleaching is a process in which your dentist will assist you for teeth whitening. The dentist will examine your teeth & analyse your dental history first. Then he will discuss about the treatment procedures and will give you a report whether you can have teeth whitening. According to the condition of the patient, dentist will start the procedure. This procedure will take only half to one hour. Starts with carefully painting a light-cured protective layer on gums & papilla. After that a bleaching agent carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth.

In this process, first time patient should consult the dentist and he will provide you with the necessary steps to follow to whiten the teeth at home. This process is time consuming because it takes 2-3 weeks to see the effect on the teeth. The patient will be given some trays which is like gum shields to protect the gums. After putting these trays you will have to apply whitening gel, this should be applied routinely for 2-3 weeks for better results.

Light Accelerated Bleaching or commonly known Laser Bleaching uses light energy to accelerate the process of bleaching. There are different types of lights that is used for this purpose. Halogen, Led, Plasma Arc etc. Halogen light is more effective and gives better results than other lights. The process starts with covering the soft-tissue with resin based light curable barrier. Then a whitening gel called Hydrogen peroxide is applied and exposed to light energy for 10-15 minutes.

There are several other ways to whiten your teeth, for example with teeth whitening toothpaste but it is safer to consult a doctor to whiten your teeth effectively. Once whitening is done, it can last for months but if you need more lasting effect you should care for your teeth.

Smile Architect, Centre for Dental & Invisible Braces provides you with latest technologies in Teeth Whitening which is more safer & reliable. Aims to give better & cost effective treatment with homely atmosphere for all their patients.

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Importance and Use of Invisible Braces @Bangalore India
If you've got issues with crooked teeth, it are often laborious to own confidence in your look. To form matters worse, some teeth straightening solutions square measure hardly obscure. Not ideal once you’re feeling self-conscious. However, invisible braces, a replacement various to ancient odontology treatments, will grant you a wonderfully straight set of teeth whether or not you suffer from situation, gaps or associate in nursing under/overbite, while not the requirement for ugly braces.

Invisible braces square measure virtually invisible permitting teens and adults to softly straighten their teeth while not the noticeable metal wires or brackets. Several people avoid having their teeth corrected as a result of they do not wish to point out the unpleasant metal braces whenever they smile or speak. This revolutionary technology puts associate finish to the embarrassment caused by a "metal mouth."

You don’t got to worry regarding damaging them while intake or drinking, as you'll merely take them out. Likewise, you'll take away them to brush and floss your teeth, that makes it abundant easier to keep up a high customary of oral hygiene.

Quick summary of the process for Invisible braces at Smile Architect Dental Care:

  • At the initial consultation our Doctor  can assess your needs, make a case for the method and take a bearing for your custom braces.
  • Total treatment time is about eight to ten months
  • you may be asked to wear every set of aligners for concerning a pair of weeks, removing them solely to eat, drink, brush, and floss.
  • As you replace every aligner with subsequent within the series, your teeth can move week when week till they need straightened to the ultimate position Dr. Girish P.V has determined for you.
  • you will visit Smile Architect aid concerning once each six weeks to confirm that your treatment is progressing as planned.
Perhaps the most important profit to mistreatment invisible braces is that you simply will retain your smile throughout treatment. Adult professionals and teenagers alike worry concerning however braces can have an effect on their shallowness, and with invisible braces, it’s a priority you are doing not got to have.

Benefits of invisible braces:

  • They are established to be effective in treating a large type of dental issues together with crooked teeth, crowding, spacing and malocclusion.
  • They're removable—making it more well-off once you eat (allowing you to consume the foods you love) and easier to brush and floss your teeth.
  • They're convenient—fewer dental visits are needed (once in six weeks when initial visit) in comparison to ancient braces.
  • They're easier to use as you do not got to worry concerning breaking the rubber bands or braces.
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