Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Beautiful Smile, Beautiful You With Clearpath Braces

Clearpath braces are the orthodontic device that used to correct the teeth misalignment problems. They are made of medical grade plastic that removable. Clear aligners are the clear alternative to the traditional braces. Clearpath braces do not need the use of brackets and wires. There are different advantages for the clearpath braces. They are clear, that means clearpath braces are completely invisible from the view. Can remove the clearpath braces while eating and drinking except water. The result of the clearpath treatment is effective and predictable, can see the treatment result even before the treatment starts. Clearpath braces are more comfortable than all other braces because of its smooth edges. They do not irritate the gums and cheeks. These aligners are customized for each and everyone. These are the main advantages of the clear aligners. The clear aligners are replaced after every two weeks. This treatment can not used for certain types of teeth movements.
clearpath braces


Clearpath can treat different problems such as :

  • Overbite
  • Under bite
  • Cross bite
  • Gapped teeth
  • Crowding

Aligner Insertion

Insert either lower or the upper aligner first. Insert the aligner over the front teeth and gently apply equal pressure using the fingertips on the left and right molar. If the braces are not properly fit in the teeth then gently bite on a cotton piece.

Aligner Removal

Start on one side at the molars, and slowly continue to the other side. To prevent damage, avoid unnecessary removal. Never use any sharp object to remove the clearpath aligners. Immediately wash aligner with water and store in the case. Do not apply excessive force to aligners.

clear braces

Care for Clearpath Aligners

Clean clearpath braces before each insertion. Use tooth brush to clean the clear braces. Rinse the aligner thoroughly after cleaning. Keep the aligner in a cup of water whenever remove them from the mouth.

Difference between Clearpath and Traditional braces


  • Invisible
  • Removable
  • No effect on oral hygiene
  • Comfortable
  • No change in eating habits
  • Few visits
  • Visible
  • Not removable
  • Difficult to maintain oral hygiene
  • Irritates gums and cheeks
  • Difficult to eat food
  • Required frequent visits


Clearpath Treatment

Clearpath treatment starts with taking the impression of the teeth. Then the orthodontist makes the 3D visualization of the treatment results. The patient can see the teeth movement that will happen in the each stages of treatment before the treatment starts. Then the aligners are customized in the laboratory and get to patient. The aligners are replaced after every two weeks. The treatment completes when the teeth moved to the desired position.

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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Damon system, The Faster Option for Teeth Alignment

Damonbraces are the newest revolution among the Orthodontic braces. Damon braces consist of brackets and wires. Traditional braces required removal of the teeth or use of the palatal expander to make the space between teeth for to align the teeth. But the Damon braces do not require such process. There is no need to use the ties in the Damon system. Instead of the elastic ties, some clips are used in the Damon braces. 

Damon system is the faster tooth alignment system among all of the braces. Slide mechanism is used in the Damon braces, so the teeth are moved freely and comfortably. Damon braces are easy to clean and it maintains proper oral hygiene. Damon clear braces are also available in the Damon system. The special clips hold the brackets in the arch wire. They do not require periodic tightening.

Advantages of the Damon Braces

  • Damon brace are less visible than the traditional braces.
  • Brackets in the Damon braces much smaller than the brackets in the other braces.
  • They are easy to clean.
  • No problem of staining.

Disadvantages of Damon Braces

  • More expensive than the traditional braces.
  • This treatment takes more duration than traditional braces treatment.

Damon braces can be used for both adults and kids. Damon clear braces used the sliding mechanism to move the teeth in a comfortable way. Dental braces treatment with the Damon System can widen the patient’s smile, which helps create aesthetically pleasing, high cheek contours. The Damon System gives a broader smile without elastic ties or tightening and with extractions, head gear . As Damon treatment progresses, patients typically experience cheeks and lips that appear fuller and more contoured.



First of all clean the teeth, then attach the brackets on the teeth surface with bonding glue. Then the wire is connected through the brackets. Brackets apply force on teeth to move the teeth to desired position. The clips are then used to hold the brackets and the wire together. The treatment get completed only when the teeth moved to desired position. After the treatment, the patient advised to wear retainer to hold the teeth in new position and to prevent the relapse of the teeth.
The cost of the Damon braces treatment depends on the condition of patient , type of braces, and duration of the treatment.

SmileArchitect Center for Dental and Invisible Braces gives you Damon Braces treatment in Bangalore. 

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