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Restore Your Tooth Appearance With Dental Crowns!

Dental Crowns are known as caps used to restore the functionality of a damaged tooth or broken tooth. It is also used in dental implant procedure to look the implant like natural teeth. Crowns not only correct the functionality but it also corrects appearance, size, shape, strength and protect the teeth from further decays. Normally crowns are cemented to the damaged teeth with special dental cement unlike dentures which can be removed whenever needed. The crowns can be removed only with the help of a Dentist. When the old crown wears out, then the dentist will remove it and replace with new crown. 


 The crown are different types. Porcelain or Ceramic crowns match the natural tooth color. It is more expensive than other type of crowns like gold, Zirconium crowns metal ceramic and acrylic.


Different Types of Crowns


Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic Crowns are warranted for 6 years. These crowns are best for dental crowns treatment. This is normally used for front teeth because it matches the exact color of the natural teeth. In this type, there is no grey metal inside so if gum recedes, there will not be any grey margin around the crown.
Ceramic crowns are more brittle than metal crowns and that's why used in front teeth.


Metal Ceramic Crowns

These are warrented for 10 years. Metal Ceramic Crowns are porcelain bonded crowns with a metal core. The metal core is made with precious, semi-precious, non-precious metals and is providing the strength. This is not very strong as metal crown and can fracture time to time. These crowns are normally used in back teeth, but some may use it in front teeth also. The aesthetics of metal ceramic  crowns are not good as Ceramic Crowns.

Zirconium Crowns

These crowns have 15 year warranty. Zirconium is usually yellow or brown in color and is used for back teeth. Zirconium crowns are not composed of porcelain, because of this there is no chance of getting it fractured. Also there is no aesthetic look for these crowns compared with all ceramic and metal ceramic crowns. These crowns are normally used to correct tooth with less damage because these are constructed by removing less tissues. It is the best possible alternative to Gold Crowns.

Gold Crowns

Gold Crowns have poor aesthetic compared with other crowns because as its name implies, it is gold in color. But these crowns are the strongest crown. These are recommended for people who have problems like grinding and clenching habits and are used for back teeth correction.


Dental Crowns Treatment & Procedure

Dental Crowns are recommended for several situations, they are
- If the person have severe damage or decay to his/her tooth in which veneers & composite bonding may not be a good choice.
- If the person undergoes a root canal therapy
- If the person undergone dental implants and to give it an aesthetic look.

These dental crowns can be manufactured in the dental clinic itself depending on the crown material used.

To have a dental crown, first your teeth impressions will be taken for making the new crown with your teeth shape and size. If the dental crowns are created for the smile makeover purpose then this may used to create the new models for designing the new length, shape and alignment of teeth. And you can preview your smile before it is being done.


After creating the mold, the procedure may start by giving you a local anesthesia or sedation dentistry. Sometimes your dentist may suggest for a temporary crown because of your treatment speciality. Then after a specific time the dentist will cement the permanent dental crown.

For long lasting result the person should take care of his/her teeth. Maintain good dental hygiene. They must follow some routine process to get better results. They should brush twice in a day, floss with dental floss, use interdental cleaners once in a day.

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