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Laser Dental Treatment in Bangalore

A Dental Laser is a type of laser designed specifically for use in oral surgery or
dentistry.In United States, the use of lasers on the gums was first approved by the food and Drug Administration.Soft Tissue (Gum) Laser Dentistry Procedure.  
Crown Lengthening:Dental lasers can reshape gum tissue (soft tissue laser) and bone (hard tissue laser) to expose healthier tooth structure. 

Laser Dental Clinic in Bangalore
Laser Dental Treatment
Lasers have revolutionized multiple industries, and oral care is no exception. Although laser periodontal therapy is still in its infancy- and not yet considered a proven method of treatment.It shows promisig results for eligible patients.

How are Lasers used in Dentistry?
Dental Lasers can be used to: 
  • reduce the discomfort of canker and cold sores.
  • expose partially erupted wisdom teeth.
  • remove muscle attachments that limit proper movement.
  • manage gum tissue during impressions for crowns or procedures.
  • remove inflamed gum tissues and aid in the treatment of gum disease.
  • perform biopsy procedures.
  • remove overgrown tissues caused by certain medications.
  • help treat infections in root canals.
  • speed up tooth whitening procedures.
Smile Architect: Center For Dental and Invisible braces offers Best Laser Dental Treatment in Bangalore with the help of dedicated team of doctors and other staff.

Laser Dentistry in Bangalore

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