Monday, 30 January 2017

Do You Have Pain While Chewing ?

Disorders associated with the Temporomandibular Joint is a very common disorder among most of the people. TMJs are hinges that joins the jaws with the skull. TMJ or Temporomandibular joint may undergo changes to its original position which might destroy the normalcy in chewing, breathing properly or orthodontic treatments. This can also impact the intake of food and that of oxygen which destroys the rhythm of the life and leaves you tired and gasping.

The main causes for a TMJ disorder might include an injury to the jaw, problems associated with jaw muscles or even arthritis of the joint can result in a TMJ disorder. Clenching the teeth tightly or chewing or grinding with your teeth might also pave way for a TMJ disorder. Damage of the ball and socket joint or the cushioning around the joint might also be the cause for a TMJ disorder.
TMJ treatments take a different approach from usual towards healing the disease and restoring normalcy to the people. It makes use of a very complicated tracking machine to find the defect and try to restore the original state with the use of personalised and custom made splint like structures. A special device is used to relax the facial muscles so as to bring the TMJ back to normalcy. Returning the joint and the muscles along with it to the normal state would reverse the difficulties that crept in due to the deformation of the joint.
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