Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Is Snoring Bad for Your Health ?

Sleep Apnoea is a very common disorder among people, especially men. This is a kind of disorder where you pick up pauses in breathing or the whole process of breath-taking becomes shallow at some points.  After a small break, it may suddenly return to normalcy with a loud snort or choke. This leaves you behind with a poor, regularly disturbed and uneven sleep which keeps you tired all the day.

Loud snoring, waking up suddenly from sleep or choking or gasping during sleep are all signs of sleep apnoea. Increased tendency for daytime sleep and fatigue are also regarded as signs of sleep apnoea.

Overweight, age and thickness of the neck are often regarded as the main causes for sleep apnoea. People who are obese are highly likely to pick up this disorder. People who are older than 50 years of age are also said to have reasonably, higher probability of picking up sleep apnoea. Studies reveal that people who have a neck circumference greater than 40cm might also become sleep apnoea patients. 

The treatment for sleep apnoea will be decided only after finding the root cause. Life style changes, mouth pieces, breathing devices or surgical options are the different methods to treat sleep apnoea. 

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