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Ceramic Braces

Orthodontics provides number of teeth alignment options. Among that one of the better choice is Ceramic braces treatment. Ceramic braces have the same size and shape of the metal braces. But these braces are available in different levels of transparency. So ceramic braces are less noticeable than the metal braces because of availability of tooth coloured and clear ceramic braces. Most adults prefer ceramic braces because its blend with tooth colour. Ceramic braces are made of composition of materials. 
ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are mainly two types according to its transparency.
1. Clear ceramic braces.
2. Tooth coloured ceramic braces.

Clear Ceramic Braces

Clear ceramic braces are made of ceramic alloys. Because of its transparency most of the adults are following these braces. Ties will be either clear elastic tie or white metal tie. Among these, metal ties are more strong. 
clear ceramic braces

Tooth coloured ceramic braces

These ceramic braces are available in the colour of teeth.  The brackets and wires will be in tooth colour. Treatment with tooth coloured braces will take the same time of traditional braces. They required tiny elastic bands. So the elastic band may discolour due to from foods and drinks. Periodic change of elastic band required.
tooth coloured ceramic braces


  • Ceramic braces are invisible from distant view.
  • The ceramic brackets do not stain.
  • Less irritating than metal braces.
  • These braces are very strong.


  • They are very hard and brittle.
  • Ceramic braces treatment is expensive than the metal braces treatment.
  • Ceramic braces can not recommend for certain type of biting.
  • Do not easy to manage as metal braces.

Treatment Procedure

Treatment starts with cleaning of the teeth. Then the ceramic Brackets are attached to the teeth using a bonding glue. Then the clear arch wire attaches to the brackets. In some cases clear elastic ties are also provide to hold the wire in place. Periodic tightening also required. After the completion of the treatment, it is necessary to wear the retainer to hold the teeth in the new position.
Duration of treatment will be 18 to 24 months. The cost of the ceramic braces treatment will depend on different factors such as condition of teeth, type of braces  and restorative work need during or before the treatment.

If  your teeth are very light and more clear, then  ceramic brackets will usually create the best look . For teeth that have a normal to dark coloration, brackets that are tooth coloured may provide the best match. 

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