Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Bad Breath Treatment in Bangalore

Almost all human likes to talk. It is the very important talent we have in our life. To convey our ideas or problems to others, talking is the only skill we got. Is halitosis pulls you from the happiness of talking?? When i asked you this question, most of them may not be familiar about the term halitosis. It is commonly known as bad breath. Halitosis or bad breath is the condition in which disgusting odor is present on the breath that we exhale. For talking to others in confidence you have to treat this condition. Treatments for Bad Breath depends on the causes of it and this treatment may vary. Smile architect, center for dental and invisible braces gives you self-confidence by providing you Bad Breath Treatment in Bangalore.

20 Percentage of general population are estimated to be suffering from this condition. Bad breath is very difficult to figure it out by yourself. You must ask your close friends or family members to verify it. Some of them may not have it, but they are too concerned that they have the problem of bad breath. In rare case, halitosis may leads to liver failure.


What are the causes of bad breath ??

  • Food : Food items like chocolates may stick in between the teeth and cause bad breath. Garlic, onion and other vegetables also leads to it.
  • Smoking and usage of other tobacco products : Smoking cigarettes and using the tobacco products leads to gum disease, which contributes bad breath.
  • Mouth infections : Sores in the mouth, decay of the tooth and gum disease increase the chance of halitosis.
  • Poor dental hygiene : Not brushing teeth and fails to rinse after eating food are the common reasons for bad breath.
  • Keeping dry mouth : Saliva is produced in your mouth for cleaning the particles that cause bad breath and especially for cleaning your mouth. Few people suffer from dry mouth (xerostomia), where saliva production is reduced and this leads to bad breath.
Prevention :
  • Rinsing your mouth after eating food
  • Avoid tobacco products
  • Brush your teeth two times a day
  • Diet modification
  • Keep mouth wet
  • Regularly visit your dentist
  • Stop smoking
Symptoms :
  • Dry mouth
  • Feeling change of taste in the mouth
  • Coating on the tongue
Bad Breath Treatment will depend on its causes. Hygienic programs include in the list of bad breath treatment. This procedure involve avoiding the cavity and lower the chance of gum disease. For the dry mouth patients, artificial saliva is prescribed by the dentist. To improve the Bad Breath Treatment, doctor also prefers special mouthwash and toothpaste.


Smile architect offers vast range of treatments including Halitosis Cure in Bangalore. Center is famous for the Advanced Dental Care in Karnataka.

For expert opinion :

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