Friday, 10 April 2015

Invisible Solution For Teeth Allignment

Orthodontic braces are used for the correction of conditions such as misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, gapped teeth etc. Brackets and wires are in braces for teeth alignment. They are the fixed devices, that need to fix on teeth during the treatment. Invisible braces are completely different from these braces. Invisible braces are made of medical grade plastic. They do not contain brackets and wires. As the name indicates, Invisible braces are completely transparent. 
Invisible braces

Advantages of Invisible braces over Other dental braces

Invisible braces are transparent. It is the main advantage of these braces. So invisible braces are not visible in others view. The other advantage is that they are customized. Each and every invisible braces are customized for the patient's teeth. The doctor takes the impression of teeth and makes customized braces for each. Invisible braces are comfortable, it does not irritate gums and cheeks. Its edges are smooth. They are removable. Can remove the invisible braces while eating and drinking. And also they are easy to clean. The result of invisible braces treatment is predictable, can see the result of treatment even before the treatment starts.
Clearpath braces

Drawbacks of Invisible braces Treatment

Invisible braces treatment is more costly than the other dental braces treatment. They should store in water or storage liquid whenever they are from the mouth. Do not allow them to dry, because that is the main reason for discoloration. When the invisible braces are removed from teeth, they should clean thoroughly with pure water and can use a toothbrush and paste for keeping them clear.

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